Our Approach

Our aim is to generate attractive investment returns for our shareholders and investors through:

  • A partnership model whereby we invest with international operating partners and/or in-country entrepreneurs;
  • A patient and disciplined approach to investing;
  • A long-term approach to investing; and
  • Employing high-quality people while pursuing the highest standards of governance in our investee companies.

Our vision is to be the leading investment and advisory firm of choice in select Sub-Saharan African markets for entities seeking proactive, trusted and value-adding partners.

To underpin our investment activities, we believe in achieving the following in a gradual and sustainable manner:

  • Strong permanent capital base;
  • Strong balance sheet;
  • Sustainable profitability; and
  • Strong and sustainable cash generation.

Our investment model is anchored on partnering with strong local entrepreneurs and experienced international operators seeking to build successful businesses in Africa.

Our Core Values

We abide by the following values, and these are core to everything we do:


Teamwork is everything at the MHMK Group. People are the heart of our operation.


We believe that the pursuit of excellence is critical to creating long-term value for our clients.


We believe that each advisory or investment opportunity is unique and must be viewed as such.
We therefore look to provide individual solutions to each opportunity.


We strive to provide services to stakeholders with integrity.