Private Equity Investments

Our Approach to Private Equity Investments

We believe in a proactive approach to investing, hence our consistent application of a private equity investment model in all our investment activities which is characterised by the following:

  • Holding at least 2 board seats on the boards of our investee companies' medium- to long-term investment holding period.
  • Holding at least 25.1% shareholding in our investee companies so that we have influence. In instances where we hold less than 25.1%, we ensure that our investment structure provides that we still have influence.
  • Target IRR of 30%.
  • Investing in partnerships with strong international operators with technical know-how, financial capacity and experience.
  • Prudent accounting for our investments.
  • Strong focus on portfolio management, characterised by effective management and monitoring of our investments.
  • Our portfolio management process requires, amongst others, various technical skills, ranging from financial, risk management, and business, to devising and negotiating exit.
  • Structured exit from our proprietary investments through one or a combination of the following:  
    • Sale to our investment/operating partners;
    • Sale to other financial investors; and/or
    • IPO of our investee companies.


We're responsible for investing in excess of US$700 million in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Managing a portfolio of investment in excess of US$300 million.
We're responsible for creating total employment in excess of 1200 in our previous investments.