Asset Management

A customer-centric investment management firm investing across diverse asset classes and markets, with an alternative investment specialty as an anchor to its client value creation matrix.

Investment Model

Our investment model is anchored on developing alternative assets that contribute to private and public sector growth, while giving our customers higher investment returns and diversification to traditional asset classes.

MHMK Capital prides itself as a provider of unique investment management services across all asset classes, and leader on alternatives to meet diverse customers needs. Our range of expertise includes private equity deal execution, investment research, investment advisory and client relationship management, which should help us develop products and manage investment for a diverse client base.


With a strong network of advisors and industry experts, our team works hard to develop products and manage investment for a diverse client base.

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  • Listed equities.
  • Fixed income.
  • Alternative investments.
  • Private equity (venture capital, LBOs and debt, etc.).
  • Real assets (real estate, infrastructure and resources).
  • Structured products (derivatives and securitisation).

Our Offering

  • Institutional management (pension funds).
  • Separately managed portfolios (qualifying high net worth individuals).
  • Specialist funds.
  • Unit trusts.
  • Private Wealth Management (estate planning and trust, investment management, and custody and private banking).

Sectorial Interest


  • Infrastructure projects.
  • Health (facilities and equipment).
  • Agriculture (irrigation, contract and corporate farming).


  • Distressed business (turnaround).
  • Retooling (equipment and production facilities funding).
  • Export orientated businesses in agriculture, food processing and light manufacturing (import substitution).